Friday, 30 October 2015

Chillingham Road, Heaton- Newcastle's Best Kept Secret? *

True Coffeehouse 

For those that live in Newcastle, Heaton is quite prominent and when I moved to the city it was our only option. So when Talented Talkers and Travelodge asked what my favourite hidden gems were in the city, I could think of no better place. Admittedly I mostly go to the same street, but when it's this good why go anywhere else? Chillingham road is like a big high street with little shops, cafes, takeaways and even two world food supermarkets.It's so close to me that admittedly I spend far too much time up there, but definitely worth it!

Rosa Rossa Gifts

Rosa Rossa Gifts is a super stylish boutique full local and handmade gifts. It sells everything from home decor to jewellery and candles to handbags and everything in between. Not to mention that the owner Andrea is an absolute gem! Go visit her at 232 Chillingham Road and @rosarossagifts on Twitter. True Coffeehouse is a cosy, kitsch vegetarian cafe that creates delicious homemade food. Where possible the treats are also vegan, dairy and gluten free, so there's something for everyone. The shop is full of mismatched furniture and fairly lights giving it a vintage tea room feel with a homely modern twist. They are at 234 Chillingham Road and @trucoffeehouse on Twitter.

BLK Coffee

Baobab Bakery

BLK Coffee is a lovely little coffee shop that serves fresh expertly made coffee and delicious cakes, in a modern and minimalistic environment. Find it at 214 Chillingham Road, on the corner of Chillingham Road and Simonside Terrace and at @BLKCoffeeHouse on Twitter. Baobab Bakery makes the most delicious cakes and baked goods,but also serve good hearty meals such as quiche and sandwiches, the cafe is like an updated version of your Nana's kitchen with lots of wooden furniture and flowers everywhere. Find them at 413 Chillingham Road, at the very end and @BaobabBakeryuk on Twitter.

The Naked Deli

Iris Brickfield Park

We also have The Naked Deli is a very healthy eatery, that is like a beautiful garden kitchen. They are at 231 Chillingham Road and @nakeddeli on Twitter. Our sparkling additon is Man Vs Food, the mammoth of an eatery that is taking the north east by storm at @ManVFoodHeaton. If you want to travel a little bit further into Heaton, check out Iris Brickfield Park, a much more chilled environment to her loud boistrous cousin Heaton Park but just as beautiful. Come walk children in nature out the back of Whitefield Terrace and Rothbury Terrace and go see some beauty at @IrisBrick on Twitter.

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*This is a sponsored post that I received some form of payment for.


  1. What fun! I'm looking forward to writing my #bloggerlodge post too :)

  2. I think Chillingham road could be Newcastle's best kept secret! When I used to work in Wallsend we always used to buy sandwiches from Sketches sandwich shop - love it!


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