Thursday, 8 October 2015

Happy National Poetry Day

As it's National Poetry Day I thought I'd talk about my first love; writing. I've always wrote little things since I was little and it's definitely part of why I became a blogger, but I was never that good at poetry. I just could never make it rhyme, and free prose never made much sense to me. That's just writing, not poetry. Poetry is flowing and almost like a song. But as I got older I realised that poetry is so much more, it's making your thoughts tangible and rhythmic and giving it semblance. And there's the common misconception that it's just about love.

I did English Literature at college and love poetry never really meant anything to me (Byron was just filth), though I do of course love Sonnet 18- here it is read by David Tennant, you're welcome. War poetry has been used for political purposes, to highlight the worst of humanity, poems like Dulce Et Decorum Est showed what it was really like amidst all the 'Oh what a wonderful war' propaganda and is still taught in schools today.

My favourite type of poetry comments on society to either make an impact such as Home by Warsan Shire or to bring hope and challenge opinions. I chose the one above by Erin Hanson for just that reason. Poetry can be so many things. A declaration, a statement, a feelings dump, something to make someone laugh and smile. But it's definitely not boring.

What are your favourite poems?

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