Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Lupus Awareness Month and #LupusButterflyDay

This month is very important to me, as October is Lupus Awareness Month in the UK. As with other awareness months, we aim to share information, educate, support and hope to raise more needed funds for Lupus charities. Lupus is an illness which affects your immune system, basically causing it to not recognise what it should be attacking from the good things- so it attacks bones, organs and tissue instead. For me it affects my hips, knees, ankles, wrists, kidneys and mental health, to name a few. There's no cure for Lupus but it can be controlled with medication and care. A main trigger for Lupus is heat and sunlight, which can cause a flare.

At the beginning of November I will have been diagnosed with Lupus for 10 years, so I wanted to do something special that brings together the amazing online communities I'm part of; bloggers, fellow spoonies and of course those who have supported me for this long decade and hopefully raise a bit of cash for my chosen charity Lupus UK. Back in 2010 (I think) my friends and family and I held Butterfly Day in which we wore butterflies and we shared information on our social media about Lupus. It was admittedly very small, but now social media is a lot bigger and I'd love to try and do it on a bigger scale.

So on October 17th I'm hosting #LupusButterflyDay across all my social media and I'd love you to join me. 

How to join in.
 Dress yourself, friends and/ family up in butterflies- clothes, stickers, fairy wings, face paints, be as imaginative as you want!
 Post a picture (kids are welcome as long as you're happy for them to be shared) wearing butterflies to any of your social media using the hastag #LupusButterflyday
 In the caption share a bit of information about Lupus (see below)
 Also include ways to donate- via or by texting LDAY48 and the amount to 70070 to donate eg "LDAY48 £5"
 If you have a blog, share your butterfly day OOTD
 Donate yourself if you wish
 Share share share!

Information about Lupus to share
 Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that can attack any part of the body
 Around 5 million people worldwide live with Lupus every day
 There is no cure for Lupus, but it can be controlled and we are fighting for a cure!

More info about Lupus can be found on the Lupus UK site 

If you'd like to follow my social media I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

Come back on Saturday! 
Thank you

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