Wednesday, 7 October 2015

True Coffeehouse Heaton

We've had another lovely addition to Chillingham Road recently, and it's another little cafe for me to spend all of my time in!

True Coffeehouse is a vegetarian cafe which uses locally sourced products to create delicious homemade food. Where possible the treats are also vegan, dairy and gluten free, so although they may seem indulgent, they aren't too bad for you. The store is decorated to look very cosy and inviting with couches, pillows and warm colours, the mismatched furniture gives it a kitsch and vintage tearoom feel with a modern twist.

I'm slowly working my way through the menu, the soups are to die for but the quiches are something else entirely! The best part is that you get your own "personal quiche" when you order. I absolutely devoured mine.

I absolutely love that I have such a cute little cafe so close to me, and that I have already made new friends there. 

True Coffeehouse is at 234 Chillingham Road and are also on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


  1. I wish there were more cosy places round where I am! I love those cushions and the HANDMADE GIRAFFE?!?! TOO KYUUUTE! If I ever head North East, I'll definitely know where to go ;)

    Cherie / sinonym

  2. This is my kind of cafe, the soup sounds lovely, sweet potato and lentil and the quiche looks divine. Very cosy.


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