Friday, 4 December 2015

My Favourite Christmas Movies

The Christmas Tree is up, the nights are getting colder, its the perfect time to hibernate under a blanket and watch some amazing Christmas Films. So here are my top 5....

5) Father Christmas
The lesser known brother of The Snowman, this is a great short film to watch on Christmas Morning. It features the late great Mel Smith as a grumpy Santa who just wants to go somewhere hot but he has to deal with Bloomin' Christmas (he says blooming 72 times, by the way). At only half an hour long it's a lovely one to watch whilst unwrapping presents.

4) Jack Frost
Michael Keaton is a sassy smart talking snowman who just wants to go to his sons hockey game. This film is both hilarious and heartbreaking in equal amounts and not your typical holiday film.

3) Love, Actually
I know a lot of people hate this one, but god I just love it so much! I could watch it any time of year but even more so at Christmas. There are so many different subplots and pretty much every brilliant British actor ever. I mean yes it has it's faults- we're consistently told that Martine McCutcheon is apparently Very Fat- but it's also features Hugh Grant dancing gloriously. It's the perfect movie to snuggle up and watch.

2) Santa Claus The Movie
Growing up, this was the Christmas movie I always watched on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus saving his poor misguided elf (who is Dvaey Jones from the Monkees) with the help of a street hoodlum and a rich girl? Oh and we get to see and John Lithgow being an amazing baddie before Lord Farqaud.

1) Muppet's Christmas Carol
It was a tough choice, but The Muppets won it in the end. The classic Christmas story gets a fun heartwarming remake by those wonderful puppets. It has brilliant songs, hilarious jokes and one of the greatest messages; that true happiness is loving others and being loved. Not to mention that Marley and Marley is one of the best Christmas songs ever.

So those are mine, what are your favourite Christmas movies?


  1. YES! Muppet's Christmas Carol is one of mine too, I watch it at least twice each year.The ghost of Christmas Present is my favourite, he's amazing (although Marley and Marley are a close second and now I have the song in my head)

  2. I do like Love Actually but I have to say my favourite Christmas film has to be National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! I have watched it since I was a kid for years. A couple of years ago I bought the film so I have to watch it at least once a year :)

    Michael 84


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