Monday, 18 January 2016

15 Ways to Kickstart Your Week

If the media and promoted posts online are to be believed, today is "Blue Monday" the most depressing day of the year. If you buy into that, firstly read this brilliant article on The Guardian, secondly stop and remember one thing- the day/ week/ month is only what you make it and if you go into it with a negative and defeatist attitude its going to be negative and you'll feel defeated.

The internet today will be awash with "Beat Blue Monday" style posts and I realise that I'm going to sound hypocritical by posting this, but that's not what this is. Instead I wanted to give you a list of simple things that can make you feel better quickly.

It's easy to be hard on yourself and let the voices win, treating yourself well takes effort but its so much better. Please be kind to yourself today, I believe in you!

What are your tips?


  1. I always work out on a Monday. It puts me in a good mood for the rest of the week! Cute post :) Shona x

  2. I always start my day with some gentle stretches and breathing exercises, even if I wake up feeling crap you can guarantee I feel better for it. I love your point about mindset and I do think this "blue Monday" stuff is a load of nonsense.

  3. WELL, after my long and rambling reply to your Mirena post, detailing the contents of my insides, I thought I'd post a happy comment!

    My tips for beating the "Why the hell do I have to go back to work today Blues" include:

    1. Naming my body parts
    2. Flatlaying the Patriarchy
    3. Rambling on Twitter and freaking the general population out
    4. Freaking the general population out
    5. Coming up with a new Instagram "theme"
    6. Cuddling the dog. Or the cat. Whichever one is slower to run away; remember, it's not "outrunning your owner", but "outrunning the other pets"

    These things all worked wonders for me today. I did not kill anyone. No one died at my hands. I consider this to be a win. xxx


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