Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Anxiety Relieving Essentials

I've spoken about my struggles with anxiety and depression a fair bit on here and online, it's something I've struggled with for a long time now so of course it's part of my blog. My lovely friend Elle wrote a great post about her Anxiety Kit that gave me the idea to write about the things that help me in my particularly anxious time. Unlike Elle, I don't have a specific place for these things but they are usually around me.

Soap and Glory Moisturiser
When I'm feeling panicked, doing a familiar ritual like applying moisturiser to my body (or just my hands if I'm in public) makes me feel a bit more normal and saner. I prefer Soap and Glory as I love the scents and they evoke happy memories. My favourites are Sugar Crush because of it's fresh lime smell and Hand Food which I could genuinely eat.

Heat Pack Bear
I use my hot bear a lot for my chronic pain, but it also helps that I have something to cuddle. It makes me feel safe and the warmth helps too. As it's got the wheat pouch in it too, it's quite heavy so it helps to keep me grounded.

An Audio or Visual Distraction
When I can, I try to completely immerse myself in something that'll drown out the voice in my head until it retreats. If I'm at home I'll put on my favourite TV shows; Community, Rupaul's Drag Race, Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time always tend to work. Especially RPDR, which I can't recommend enough to everyone I meet- there's too much fabulousness to be sad. If I'm somewhere public I listen to Welcome to Night Vale, I find that it's so bizarre that you have to give it your full attention. Other good visual distractions are a good book, though I find reading harder on fatigued days. In which case I'll play Neko Atsume for a bit, so many of my spoonie friends play the kitty collecting game as it's so calming.

Something Woolly
When I'm really panicked or stressed, touching something soft and wooly really calms me down. Holding and stroking the sleeves of my jumper or cardigan (this explains why all my sleeves are so stretched), wrapping myself in a blanket or wrapping my scarf tightly around my neck and face if I'm out reminds me of where I am and that I'm safe.

Do you have anything that helps your anxiety?

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