Saturday, 19 March 2016

27 Things I've Learned in 27 Years

It's my birthday today! I'm turning 27. This year is a weird one, I'm in the middle of a big change in my life both personally and health wise and I don't really feel much like celebrating or that there is much to celebrate. Two of my favourite Youtubers Rosianna and Lex made 24 things I learned in 24 years videos (yes they only turned 24 while I have to age), and watching them made me feel happy and at peace about this birthday. So inspired by them, Im sharing 27 Things I've learned in 27 years.

1. Everyone Changes. For the better or not. We are not expected to stay the same as we were a decade ago.

2. Passion is not a bad thing, loving things isn't bad. Use your passion, share your favourite things.
3. Read everything, on every topic you can think of and some you hadn't though of.
4. Don't make fun of those who are different to you. Learn from them.
5. Swearing does not make you stupid, but you don't have to do it all the time.
6. Your health is always going to be shit, get used to it.
7. You know your body best, don't ignore warning signs and keep pushing if you feel that something is wrong.
8. You don't have to stick to the career you chose at 16. Yes you were a good nursery nurse but you it wasn't for you. You're still young.
9. Just be fucking nice. People will think you're a push over, so prove you're not. But don't let the world harden you.

10. Hold on to the silly, funny times. Laugh when you can, sing along to terrible songs.. 

11. Don't be a dick on social media, too much. Remember that everyone can see what you put on there.

12. It's OK to not have a massive group of friends in your local area, nobody has time to sit in coffee shops all day anyway.

13. Don't be scared of online friendships, they are some of the most loving, kind people you will ever meet. Even if you don't "meet".

14. You don't have to agree with everything celebs you like say. It's ok to still like Taylor Swift, but identify that she is problematic and we're all problematic.

15. WEAR YOUR BLOODY GLASSES. You need them, you can't see.

16. Rest when you need to, do when you can. Don't feel bad about resting, but make the most of spoons.

17. Things don't just happen, actually do something and good things will come to you.

18. Your body isn't shameful, your boobs, hips, bum and stomach are all ok. Your legs even more so (wink). Nobody is going to complain when you're naked.

19. Don't shut people out who want to help you. People love you and want to help, even if they don't know how.

20. Eat. Keep eating. Eat what you love. Eat what your body needs.

21. You don't have to stay in that friendship/ relationship/ job that is making you ill, depressed and bringing you down every day. Move on, you can.

22. Don't work for free. Someone who values you will never expect you to do it for nothing. And people out there will pay for what you create.

23. Write. Never stop writing.

24. Know your limits, You can't drink a whole bottle of wine and still function as a normal human.

25. Always try new things, don't let fear hold you back

26. You deserve to be alive. You are strong. You are enough.  Believe that.

27. Smart People Who Love You Are going to have your back.

What advice would you give me at this point in my life?

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