Thursday, 14 April 2016

Life Lately

It's been a weird few months, my life has changed dramatically and right now I'm focusing on rebuilding everything I have left. Lots of things have fallen by the wayside, especially my interest in blogging, as I instead spend time with people who love me and remember how to love myself. So today I thought I'd give you a few snippets of my life lately.

- I turned 27 last month, it was a smaller affair than recent years but I had a lovely meal with my family and my niece made everyone laugh.

- I saw Guys and Dolls and met my musical theatre hero Louise Dearman. 5 years ago Louise was in the production of Wicked that changed my life and gave me hope. To meet her and thank her for that was an honour.

- I wrote possibly one of my favourite pieces ever Why Remus Lupin Is My Sick Hero for HelloGiggles. I can't believe I got to write about one of my favourite ever characters AND disability.

- Illness wise, I've finally been referred to gynaecology! I also started a new drug Gabapentin for my pain management. Its easing the pain but at some times I can barely move from dizziness.

- My latest new life saver came in the form of beauty guru Tara Mears, who does wonderful Shellac Nails and so much more in Heaton. She's such amazing banter too

- I'm also slowly rediscovering my home town and trying all of the new great little places. I visited  Elephant Tea Rooms with my cousin for lunch last week. It's is such a wonderful addition to Sunderland High Street and the food is delicious.

- Last Friday I had my first proper night out in about 3 years, it was scary but so fun. I went to the Newcastle Bear and Cider Festival, with my friend Toni. I'm not a beer drinker but there were so many ciders that me my friend Toni might've tried a few too many!

I might possibly do whole posts about some of things I've talked about here, but we'll see. I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me, listened and cheered me up recently.

What have you been up to recently?

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  1. Sounds like you've been doing great things! I also spotted you quoted about the PIP cuts somewhere, I think? Good for you for speaking out about it.

    Take care.

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