Saturday, 7 May 2016

30 Thoughts I Have About Harry Potter

We all have a lot of thoughts about Harry Potter, right? Having just finished reading the Harry Potter series, and being a massive fan of the series, I of course have some burning questions and feelings that I had to get out. These are just a few.

1. "Yer a wizard 'arry" is a much better line than "'arry yer a wizard".

2. What would happen if you didn't really fit one Hogawarts house more than the others? Do you just get stuck in any?

3.  Tom Riddle blatantly sat for hours trying to fit I A and M into his name.

4. What would have happened if Hermione made Ron and Harry do their own work?

5. I really love how JK writes about Muggles and makes them just as interesting as their Wizard counterparts.

6.  Why wasn't Peeves in the films?!

7. People got offended that Hermione is black yet nobody blinked an eye when they ignored the Durseley's being blonde?

8. The Prisoner of Azkaban is such a leap in terms of writing style from the first two, I'm so glad it got better.

9 Remus Lupin is the kindest sweetest character ever. 

10. How do you get from snivelling crying Barty Crouch jnr in the books to David Tennant strolling around being sexy in a suit? 

Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to put Tennants tongue on my blog.

11. JK predicted the Woolworths collapse by making St Mungo's a closed down department store.

12. Harry was such a dick to Cho, her last boyfriend died for god sakes let her grieve!

13. Ron has incredibly inventive swears (see "why in the name of Merlin's saggy left....")

14. Where did they masturbate at Hogwarts? In the dorms with 5 other people? (Maruaders AU please)

15. Nobody said wotcher in the 90s as much as Tonks does. I only ever heard it on Live and Kicking.

16. Why don't wizards have electricity?

17. Why do all wizard sweets mess with you?

18. Everyone got really horny in Half Blood Prince.

19. Tony Blair totally got visited by the Minister for Magic regularly.

20. Minerva Mcgonagall is the sassiest Witch of her time.

21. Dumbledore really should just make things easier for everyone. 

22. Why is there so much forest in Deathly Hallows?

23. Why does Bellatrix want to have sex with Voldemort? Why?!

24. Luna Lovegood is so trusting and lovely despite how much she's teased for being different.

25. Sirus and Remus did sex. Or if they didn't Dumbledore and Grindlewald DEFINITELY did.

26. How did the films expect us to believe that Lupin and Tonks loved each other when we saw them together about 3 times.

27. "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH" is the best line in any book ever.

28. Snape was not a hero, he was an emotionally abusive stalker and bullied children. All he did at the end was actually be a good person.

29. Why would you name your son after a guy who stalked your Mum? 

30. Harry Potter is the worst character in his own series.

Does anyone have any answers? Or do you share my pain?

Some of these thoughts were shared by me in the #siriusreaders tag on twitter, which you should check out for hilarious book commentary.

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  1. This is fantastic and made me laugh for sure! Especially the comment on naming your kid after your mums stalker haha! There are some intriguing ideas here for sure especially with the mention of woolworths I've never thought about the before!



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