Saturday, 14 May 2016

That Word

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite words in the English language. A word that brings anger and outrage when it is spoken in public. It's seen by some as the most offensive word there is.

The word? Cunt

Cunt is defined as "1 a Woman's genitals and 2 An unpleasant or stupid person". Note that the connatation of it being associated with women comes first, as it does in practically every definition I could find.To me, the word is interchangable with words like dick or idiot. But for some reason words associated with "male" anatomy are seen as funny or not hurtful, whereas a one associated with vagina is the worst thing you can call someone.  I'm an educated person, I can have a reasoned discussion with someone give my views clearly, but when I slip the word cunt into conversation I'm instantly looked down upon.

In a chat about a month ago, I joked that I loved the word- and the outrage it provokes- so much that I would wear it on a necklace. And thanks to Lucie, I now own one. This is from the amazing Black Heart Creatives, they'll pretty much put any word on a necklace and also sell "fat bitch" and "can u not" necklaces. I wore the necklace on a night out and the response was outstanding. Men who would normally sleeze on me quickly averted their eyes and were instantly offended without me even opening my mouth. Of course there were still a few who would not leave me alone, but the necklace gave me licence to be, well a bit of a cunt. 

But it's not just the aforementioned word that people hate, almost all synonyms of vagina are seen as disgusting or offensive, from the weird sounding "minge" to the just plain vulgar "axe wound" and the cringe worthy "pussy", there are no words that are just seen as funny like dick and cock. And again this says a lot about words that are classed as more relating to women than men, being a bitch is  one of the worst things a woman can be whilst for a man it means you are being pissy and effeminate about a decision. 

I've even had dirty looks for saying the actual word "vagina", imagine being told off for saying the word elbow! I think it comes down to women being seen as delicate little creatures that shouldn't be proud of their own bodies, least of all own their sexuality. It's upsetting that we are less likely to see a Doctor about problems relating to our reproductive systems out of shame and feat of being looked down on for talking about these problems openly. My most popular post of all time is My Expereience With The Mirena Coil, and if that helps more women seek help I don't care what people think. 

I understand that for a lot of women, cunt is so offensive because of the connotation put on it. when we live in a world where men are told to "man up" and "stop acting like a girl" if they are anything more than tough or macho, we really need to take gender out of words. I'm in Facebook group where gendered insults aren't allowed.,this led to much more inventive swears like "soggy french fry" and my favourite insult of all time "wet paper towel. 

As much as I love the word cunt, I'm very much over my anatomy and gender being used as an imsult. Seriously think about someone you dislike and their behaviour, aren't they such a wet paper towel?! 

So what are your thoughts on the word? 

Please be respectful in my comments, while I welcome debate please don't attack me or anyone personally. 

Note- For the purpose of this post I am equating vaginas to women and penis' to men, although of course all genders have whatever genitals they want!


  1. I love the word cunt! I know in some feminist circles they say that the use of the word is internalised misogyny but I say balls to that. It's my favourite swear, a stress reliever and it rolls so nicely off the tongue (ooer). I do try to use male gendered phrases (like 'son of a prick') to even up the score once in a while, but to me there's absolutely nothing weak about being a woman so referring to a woman's genitals isn't a problem

  2. I love cunt as well and while I'm also rather renowned for my own vulgar mouth and dont particularly find any word offensive (it's all about context though), I really hate the use of cunt or pussy as an insult. Vulvas are, like the title of the famous Gustave Courbet painting, "the origin of the world" and if anything im pretty proud to have one.

    For me I like it's vulgarness in a reclaiming it and making it sexy sense. Rolls off the tongue nice. Sounds much better than pussy. I write some pretty fab (so I'm told, and hot!) erotica and it's a word I use all the time there. I suppose in general I like to write erotica because I write real sex that isn't all euphemism or phony everything is perfect sword in sheath nonsense. Ha. And its female/ female sex and i suppose it is making a statement. (Crosses my mind how much I wish I anyone who thinks it isn't sex without a cock or that lesbians don't even have sex really ought to read my stuff, haha).

    To be honest I rarely ever encounter the word. Maybe thats location based and I think in the States it's viewed as a word so vulgar it's literally unspeakable. We have racial slurs everywhere and fuck this and fuck that but no one dares to even use cunt. So in that sense maybe it's easier for me to reclaim as well. And I will confess while I really dislike it being used as an insult I can't lie I'm a lot more okay with women using it, especially feminist women. But eh, I looked back over this and my first line is literally "I like cunt" and I do in both senses of the phrase. So maybe I can't help myself. ;)

    And ugh, pussy is such a dreadful word. Sounds childish and awkward and so very not sexy though I very occasionally use it for variety in my writing. And for bad jokes about my cat.

  3. Also,I have to say your necklace is flipping fantastic!


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