Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Why I don't Do OOTD's OOTD

 I love being part of the blogging community, and how there are so many different types of bloggers. Theres a freedom which comes from being a lifestyle blogger that means you don't have to stick to one niche. You can write about books, health, restaurants, sex, beauty and clothes in the same month. And I do write about a lot of those things. Except Outfits of The Days (OOTDs). When I first started out I was solely fashion and there's a lot of reasons I stopped, but a big one was that I had no outfits to actually talk about.

Being disabled and working from home, I spend a lot of my time in pyjamas, if I was to still do OOTDs they'd consist of:

Darth Vader hoodie
crappy old tshirt
Hogwarts sweatpants
No makeup
Unbrushed hair

If I wanted to I probably could get dressed every day, but when I'm hardly leaving the house and mostly don't have the energy I don't see the point. I'm not throwing any shade at those who do post just OOTD's, god I envy all these gorgeous bloggers who wear incredible outfits and poses, oozing confidence before going about their daily lives. (I know a lot do outfit shots in batches too, but still you got dressed today!)

When I do get dressed nowadays it's as "Female Protaganist in A YA Novel"; jeans, t shirt, cardigan, (fake) converse. You have to laugh when Cath Avery from Fangirl describes what she's wearing and you look down to see you're wearing pretty much the same thing- I even had a Harry Potter shirt on to compete with her Simon Snow one!

I honestly feel that staying in my pyjamas and not really leaving the house has contributed to my plummeting body confidence. It's hard to love your body when it's broken and you're not making an effort. So when I do dress up, to see friends or go to an event, I take as many selfies as I possibly can because I love documenting that I actually made the effort. I post a lot of crap makeup free selfies on Snapchat, but my Instagram mainly consists of the days when I feel good about myself and want to share with the world.

I love celebrating the moments when I feel good, but I'm happy in my own skin now too. And I really love sitting about in my pjs all day!


  1. I would love to see more PJ of the day post! Youve made me think though, I have just launched a fashion blog, and actually I want to make it clear over there that sometimes I go through stages where I dont get dressed for days. Right now actually I am rocking my husbands boxers, a bambi pj top and a greasy top knot!

  2. Great post Rachel, and as someone who never does OOTD's because I just don't have enough interesting sartorial choices to share, this was comforting to read! I'm happy in what I'm comfortable in and though I do love fashion, I think style is very subjective and of course, what's better than spending some time in your pyjamas instead?! - Tasha

  3. Pjs of the day posts will be right up my street. If I don't have to get dressed 90% of the times I won't

    Carrieanne x


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