Friday, 12 August 2016


I've not been blogging here much recently, but where have I been? Well darling, I've been elsewhere. Time for a catch up, yes?

Exactly 4 years ago today I "gave up blogging". As you can tell that didn't really work out. In fact it was such a bare faced lie that I started a new blog that exact same night. I do that a lot with my blogs, I close myself in and when I begin branching out and having a million opinions (every day), they don't fit my space. I've felt like that countless times in the last 7 years and it's creeping back in. But this time I'm not abandoning ship.

For the last 3 years this blog has been a whole myriad of things to me, my personal diary, a vehicle, an escape, a place to be ridiculous and deadly serious all at the same time. I've not posted here for a while, but I'm thrilled to have written for sone amazing publications recently and wanted to point you all (5 of you probably) in the right direction.

- The big driving force in my new move was Femsplain, where I not only wrote "You're My Thinspo", but also discovered an amazing supportive group of people who just get me.

- Through the Femsplain group I discovered Ask Me About My Uterus and was able to tell my story, I'm 27 and I Want A Hysterectomy. The response to this piece was completely overwhelming and I'm so thankful to those who shared their experiences and offered advice.

- Then off the back of that piece I was asked to become a regular writer for another great feminist site, The Tempest! My first pieces with them will be up shortly and I'll be sure to share them everywhere.

- And finally just today I became part of The Establishment with Is My Friend Still Bisexual? And even more exciting is that my words became an infographic!

This post is in no way a goodbye, I still need a space to rant and spaff off about things I love after all. But while I love blogging, I'm enjoying making the transition more from personal lifestyle blogger to actual writer who has a sort of real job (eek!).

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I also write on Medium too.

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