Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I Went To London And I....

Was an absolute n00b on the tube.
 I'm sorry London but it had been 4 and a half years!

Met my internet little sister Rosie and we explored Camden together. 
We hugged pretty much all day, took all the ridiculous Snapchats and ate all the amazing food

Found the most amazing used bookstore in Camden Locke,
 I could've wandered round it all day just picking up old classics and adding things to my wishlist.
 I want to live there,

Saw lots of pretty, amazing, ridiculous and hipster things in Camden

Dragged my pals to the Palace Theatre.
I had to see the theatre that is being transformed for the UK production of Hamilton. 
Yes I cried. Twice.

Got properly Burrito'd with Gem.
Finally after 6 years of fangirling and being top banter we got to go get drunk and eat mexican
 food together. Of course we also fangirled and were top banter. Very on brand. 

My trip to London was a good few weeks ago now but I needed some happy memories in my life this week.

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