Monday, 13 February 2017

Pretty Cinema Lightboxes Instead of The Truth

I intended to write this post yesterday, I came on here and started with a story about how a terrible day was made better with a bit of a treat in the name of self care. But then that turned into 1131 words on why I hate twitter, writing and the state of the world at the minute.

Go read that first then come back to this.

So after what was a bad day, I was dragged shopping by my sister. Armed with Monster I felt a bit more human and when I saw something I've resisted buying for a while I gave in.

DIY cinema light boxes are bloody everywhere at the minute,. I constantly see movie quotes on Pinterest and cute posts on other blogs with them in- they're also a favourite with independent stores (I saw 3 different market stalls yesterday displaying one!). If you're after a cheap one I got mine for just £8 at B&M.

So of course I did the cheesy quotes, and the cultural insipiration, but then I moved onto the real reason why I held off buying one for so long. Because inevitably it would be full of swears. You've got to admit though, with the year we're having, that last one is a bit inspirational.


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